Alex French

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Livin' Thing: An Oral History of Boogie Nights

The making and near unmaking of Paul Thomas Anderson’s breakout film.


Punch a Hole in the Sky

An oral history of The Right Stuff.


Club Meds

A trip to The Villages, a booming retiremement community outside Orlando, where the golf is free, casual sex is everywhere, and there is no cemetery.


The Rise of Beefcake Yoga

Once their careers end, pro wrestlers often fall into emotional and physical disrepair. One of their own, Diamond Dallas Page, has a fix.


The Last, Disposable Action Hero

In Hollywood’s new blockbuster economy, the actors who portray superheroes are as interchangeable as the costumes they wear.


So Money

An oral history of Swingers.


The Sound and the Fury

An oral history of WFAN.


Modern Family

Neither Jon nor Ian is legally married to Jaiya. Both are allowed to see other women. But the three of them live a lifestyle that—much of the time—isn't that different from a conventional marriage.

On the rise of polyandry, in which one woman settles down with two or more men.


The Greatest Paper That Ever Died

“Radically brilliant. Absurdly ahead of its time. Ridiculously poorly planned.” An oral history of the National Sports Daily.