Amos Barshad

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Blur Lines

The ups and downs of a beloved British pop band.


David Simon Does Not Care What You Think Is Cool About His TV Shows

On the set of ‘Show Me a Hero,’ his new HBO miniseries, Simon is as impassioned, cantankerous, and uncompromising as ever.


The World Cup of Dirty Dreams

Behind the doors of Centaurus, Rio’s most infamous brothel.


Wu-Tang, Atomically

How the group’s 10 members live today.


How Soccer Explains Israel

In February, Jerusalem’s FC Beitar, the only soccer team in the Israeli Premier League to have never signed an Arab player, signed two Chechnyan Muslims, sparking national controversy and pitting the organization against their ultras fan club La Familia.


Rude Boys

The birth of the Beastie Boys—an oral history on the 25th anniversary of Licensed to Ill.