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Inside Baseball

The Giants' miraculous 1951 comeback wasn't all that it seemed.

Previously: The Longform Guide to Cheaters.


The Patron and the Panhandler

Fifty years after Joseph Mitchell published "Joe Gould's Secret" in The New Yorker, one last question about Gould—the identity of his anonymous benefactor—is answered.


The Accidental Activist

On Norma McCorvey, the “Jane Roe” plaintiff in Roe v. Wade, who left Pro-Choice activism for born-again Christianity and a strange life of financial opportunism.


A Chilling Photograph's Hidden History

In 1979, a Pulitzer was given to “an unnamed photographer of United Press International” who documented a mass execution in Iran.

His name is Jahangir Razmi – and, nearly three decades later, he wants the credit.


Runaway Money

When she died in 1952, author Margaret Wise Brown left the rights to Goodnight Moon to a nine-year-old neighbor named Albert Clarke. The book became a classic. Clarke, living entirely off the royalties, became a deadbeat.


The Wallenberg Curse

The search for the missing Holocaust hero began in 1945. The unending quest tore his family apart.