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Luke Dittrich

6 articles

The Ruins of Joe Pa's Kingdom

The Penn State sex abuse scandal as told through a father, a son and “Victim 1.”


Chuck Berry Goddamn!

Now 85, Berry still records live music. He just doesn’t want you to hear it.


Walking the Border

Over the course of a year, Luke Dittrich will be walking the entire 1,933 miles of the Mexico-US border “from the beach to Gulf” with a stroller. The first in a series.


The Brain That Changed Everything

The brain of Henry Molaison gave science most of what it knows about memory. Dr. Jacopo Annese believes there’s even more to learn.


Tonight on Dateline This Man Will Die

Bill Conradt, a well-known prosecutor, never showed up at the house in Murphy, Texas, where police and a crew from NBC’s To Catch a Predator were waiting. So they, along with a SWAT team, went to Conradt.