Mark Jacobson

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Bernie Sanders for President? Why Not Try a Real Socialist for a Change.

The stubborn Senator from Vermont considers a run for the White House.



An ode to aging.


Sonny Rollins, the Colossus

A profile of the saxophone player at 82.


The Return of Superfly

A profile of Frank Lucas, whose life was the basis for the film American Gangster, decades after his days as a kingpin.


The Land That Time and Money Forgot

On New York City’s housing projects.


Escape From the Holy Shtetl

A young woman’s attempt to flee from the most religiously conservative community in America, and to take her daughter with her:

The critical battleground in the War Between the Grunwalds would prove to be niddah, or “separation,” i.e., when the menstruating female is considered “impure” and kept apart from her husband. “It isn’t just your period,” Gitty says. After a woman stops bleeding, she has to wear white underwear for seven days, checking constantly to see if there’s any discharge. Should spotting occur, the woman takes her underwear to a special rabbi who examines the color, shape, and density of the stain. It is he who divines when it is safe for the woman to immerse herself in the mikvah (ritual bath) and be reunited with her husband.


Night-Shifting for the Hip Fleet

A look at the artists and writers who drive for a New York cab company. The story that inspired Taxi.


The Baddest Lawyer in the History of Jersey

On the complete corruption of Paul Bergin, a federal attorney turned high-priced defense lawyer now awaiting trial on a host of charges.

If Paul is guilty of half the things they say, he’d be the craziest, most evil lawyer in the history of the State of New Jersey. That is saying something.


The (Chinese) Gangs of New York

Nicky Louie and the Ghost Shadows.


The $2,000-an-Hour Woman

The rise and fall of a boom-era escort agency in New York City.



A Holocaust detective story: could a lampshade pulled from the ruins of Katrina really be Buchenwald artifact made of human remains?