Mina Kimes

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The Unkillable Demon King

A profile of the world’s best League of Legends player, a 19-year-old Korean kid whose nickname is God.


Free To Go

To save himself, a basketball recruit testified against his mother.


At Sears, Eddie Lampert's Warring Divisions Model Adds to the Troubles

The story of a risky management style gone bust.


Caterpillar's Doug Oberhelman: Manufacturing's Mouthpiece

Caterpillar’s CEO made $22 million last year. Some of his employees are on food stamps.


Bad to the Bone

A medical device company experiments on humans.


The Man Who Sees Another Crash

Bob Rodriguez, the oracular mutual fund manager with the best record over the last quarter century and two correctly-predicted crashes under his belt, says another spectacular crash is on its way within five years.