Monica Potts

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Dispossessed in the Land of Dreams

Suzan Russaw is 70 years old. She lived in affordable Palo Alto housing for decades. Then, in 2013, she was forced to move into her car. On the new homeless of Silicon Valley.


Is There Hope for the Survivors of the Drug Wars?

On the post-prison lives of several men in West Baltimore.


What's Killing Poor White Women?

They have lost five years of life expectancy and no one knows why.


The Weeklies

Meet Colorado’s suburban, Ramada-dwelling homeless.


Pressing On the Upward Way

A profile of life in Owsley County, one of the poorest in the country.


Susan B. Anthony's Hit List

On the Susan B. Anthony List, the anti-choice power broker:

In a year when 11 women are running for the U.S. Senate, including six pro-choice Democratic incumbents, the efforts of a group founded by second-wave feminists, named for a first-wave feminist, could once again be a major force in reducing female representation in Congress.


The Serfs of Arkansas

Immigrant farmers are flocking to the poultry industry -- only to become 21st-century sharecroppers for companies like Tyson.