Paul Ford

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Saving for a Daughter But Not a Son

A father’s attempt to combat the wage gap.


What Is Code?

A 38,000-word answer.


The American Room

Behind the nation’s closed doors, with YouTube.


The Great Works of Software

In appreciation of meaningful, ubiquitous, enduring applications.

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Determining the Fate of Frozen Embryos: Do You Know Where Your Children Are?

On a parent’s relationship with unused embryos.


Rotary Dial

An essay about phone dials and a response to the end of blogging.


10 Timeframes

On the shifting nature of time.


The Age of Mechanical Reproduction

An essay on a pregnancy attempted:
When I tell people what we are doing, they want to hear about the room where you produce. I tell them that there is a lot of paperwork. That they take your picture and look at your license. Then they walk you back to the room. You are handed a list of instructions and some stickers and a plastic cup. The cup has a forest-green lid. In the room is a VCR. I like to write down the names of the videos so I can share them with my wife and friends: Ass Angels #4, Original Black Queens of Porn (Afro-Centrix #113), and Chock Full of Asians. The latter features a woman with enlarged breasts so swollen they look luminous, like the sense apparatus of a recently discovered deep-sea fish.

The Web Is a Customer Service Medium

But the web is not just some kind of magic all-absorbing meta-medium. It's its own thing. And like other media it has a question that it answers better than any other. That question is: Why wasn't I consulted?