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Paul M. Barrett

5 articles

Is Funeral Home Chain SCI's Growth Coming at the Expense of Mourners?

How Service Corporation International corporatized death, driving growth through everything from aggresive acquisitions, volume pricing on caskets and embalming fluid, a “strong flu season,” and pre-selling over $7.5 billion worth of burials.


Will Brain Injury Lawsuits Doom or Save the NFL?

Meet Gene Locks, the onetime Princeton quarterback suing the NFL on behalf of 4,000 former players.


Karl Rove: He's Back, Big Time

How the former Bush advisor is “reengineering the practice of partisan money management in hopes of drumming Barack Obama out of the White House.”


Can Brian Moynihan Save Bank of America?

The CEO of the US’s biggest bank doesn’t have much charisma or a track record, but he’s “doing as well as any little Dutch boy can—sticking his fingers in the dike.”