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Ryan Lizza

9 articles

Crossing Chris Christie

On the mechanics of New Jersey state politics.


State of Deception

Why Obama won’t rein in the NSA.


The President and the Pipeline

How the Keystone XL became the defining environmental test of Obama’s presidency.


The Party Next Time

As immigration turns red states blue, how can Republicans transform their platform?



How Paul Ryan remade the Republican Party in his own image.


The Second Term

On the complex nature of a presidential second term and what Obama would do if he wins one.


Leap of Faith

How Michelle Bachmann became a GOP front-runner.


Don't Look Back

A profile of California congressman Darrell Issa:

A few days after we met in Las Vegas, Issa called me. He was concerned about all my questions regarding his early life and didn’t see why they were newsworthy. The conversation was awkward.


As the World Burns

The story of how Washington blew its best shot to do something on climate change.