S.L. Price

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The Heart of Football Beats in Aliquippa

The story of a small town just outside Pittsburgh that has suffered through a half-century of economic decline, racial tension, and endless crime. Despite that trajectory, or perhaps because of it, Aliquippa has also produced an astounding number of NFL players.


The Writer and the Puzzle: Richard Ben Cramer Couldn't Crack A-Rod

On the legendary journalist and the book he never finished.


Your Words Against Mine

Life as an elite Scrabble player at the “first-ever four-day, 54-player, 24-match $100,000 Scrabble Superstars Showdown.”


Much Ado About Nothing

The legacy of Barry Levinson’s 1982 movie Diner.


Too Slick, Too Loud, Too Successful: Why John Calipari Can't Catch a Break

A profile of the highest paid coach in college basketball. A pioneer of one-and-done recruiting, Calipari is also the only coach in NCAA history to have two runs to the Final Four removed from the record books for rules violations.


The World at His Feet

Argentina’s Lio Messi, the best soccer player on the planet, stands all of 5’7” and needed growth-hormone injections to get there.