An $140 million blockbuster written and funded by a billionaire, ‘Empires of the Deep’ was supposed to be China’s ‘Avatar,’ featuring mermaids, Greek warriors, pirates, sea monsters, and an even international stars.

Six years after being filmed, the movie has never seen the light of day.

Saturday, May 21


The Curse of the Ramones

How a group of Queens high schoolers changed music forever while barely managing to remain on speaking terms.

Thursday, May 19


Beyond Laughter

A profile of Andy Kaufman.

Wednesday, May 18


Body Politics

How artist Petr Pavlensky uses his body and the Russian legal system as canvases.

Thursday, May 12


David Gergen, Master of the Game

A profile of the man who helped invent the modern art of presidential spin and came to embody the blurry line between journalist and government official.

Friday, May 6


Don DeLillo: The Art of Fiction No. 135

We have a rich literature. But sometimes it’s a literature too ready to be neutralized, to be incorporated into the ambient noise. This is why we need the writer in opposition, the novelist who writes against power, who writes against the corporation or the state or the whole apparatus of assimilation. We’re all one beat away from becoming elevator music.

Thursday, May 5


Rent: The Oral History

The story of the landmark musical’s improbable success.

Wednesday, May 4


Downtown Is for People

On the then-new phenomenon of dead downtowns.

“It is not only for amenity but for economics that choice is so vital. Without a mixture on the streets, our downtowns would be superficially standardized, and functionally standardized as well. New construction is necessary, but it is not an unmixed blessing: its inexorable economy is fatal to hundreds of enterprises able to make out successfully in old buildings. Notice that when a new building goes up, the kind of ground-floor tenants it gets are usually the chain store and the chain restaurant. Lack of variety in age and overhead is an unavoidable defect in large new shopping centers and is one reason why even the most successful cannot incubate the unusual--a point overlooked by planners of downtown shopping-center projects.”

Tuesday, May 3


Angel So Fly

An oral history of Aaliyah.

Tuesday, April 26


The Strange and Mysterious Death of Mrs. Jerry Lee Lewis

How Jerry Lee Lewis got away with murdering 25-year-old Shawn Michelle Stevens, his fifth wife.

Saturday, April 23


Everybody Is a Star: How the Rock Club First Avenue Made Minneapolis the Center of Music in the ’80s

The fabled venue where the Replacements, Hüsker Dü, and Prince emerged.

Friday, April 22


I Am Your Conscious, I Am Love

“A paean 2 Prince.”