Meet the Shaggs

From 1968-1973, the three teenage Wiggin sisters, guided by a domineering father, played their strange music at New Hampshire ballrooms and recorded a single album. The Philosophy of the World LP goes for over $500 today, but the intervening decades have not been kind to the Wiggins.


Tom Brady Cannot Stop

A season with the New England Patriots’ 37-year-old quarterback.

Saturday, January 31


Chris Ware: The Art of Comics No. 2

"Really, the ideas and theories we form about others and their motivations are just as much portraits of ourselves as they are descriptions of other people. It’s impossible for them to be anything else, when you think about it."

Ground Control

On the coming age of domestic drones.


Jeb 'Put Me Through Hell’

The story of Jeb Bush and Terri Schiavo.

Friday, January 30


The Gacy Files

Eight of serial killer John Wayne Gacy’s victims remained a mystery, 35 years after his conviction. One man made it his mission to identify them.

Our full archive of serial killer stories.


The Fire on the 57 Bus in Oakland

A black 16-year-old lights a white, agender 18-year-old’s skirt on fire while riding the bus. Is it a hate crime? And what’s the appropriate punishment?


Who Lives and Who Dies

"What’s it like to be giving birth at home, and see blood pooling between your legs, and look up at the ashen faces of a birth attendant, a midwife, a spouse? What’s it like to feel the earth tremble and see the roof and walls of your home or school fall towards you? More to the point, in terms of survival: what happens next? It depends. Not just on the severity of the injury, but on who and where you are."

The Aging of Abercrombie & Fitch

How does a company that sells youth learn to grow up?

Thursday, January 29


Mad Men

Inside the men’s rights movement—and the army of misogynists it spawned.


The Surprising History of Hippy Crack

People have been having fun with nitrous oxide—often in the name of science—since its discovery more than 240 years ago.


My First Time, Twice

"I realized, as I was going through puberty (early), the necessity of shifting my focus from doing things that would impress my parents and teachers to engaging in behavior that would strike my peers as cool. I started saying 'like' constantly. I smoked pot when I was twelve. I dropped acid when I was thirteen. Losing my virginity was the next logical step."

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