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Selling the Bro Dream

Is Vemma an energy drink, the new Amway or a pyramid scheme taking advantage of college kids? Maybe all three.


The Exacting, Expansive Mind of Christopher Nolan

The Interstellar director and the art of the blockbuster cult film.


Why Would Someone Steal the World’s Rarest Water Lily?

The thin moral line between collecting and stealing plants.

Thursday, October 30


Free To Go

To save himself, a basketball recruit testified against his mother.


Longform App Exclusive: "The Trials of White Boy Rick"

Today we're thrilled to announce our first Longform App Exclusive! One of the best articles of 2014 is now available completely free, only in the Longform App.

In "The Trials of White Boy Rick," a Kindle Single bestseller, Evan Hughes tells the incredible story of Rick Wershe. An infamous teenage drug dealer in 1980s Detroit who flew in kilos of cocaine from Miami and drove a white Jeep with THE SNOWMAN emblazoned on the back, Wershe was arrested at 17 and remains incarcerated. But he now claims he was working with the FBI all along. Was one of Detroit’s most notorious criminals also one of the feds’ most valuable informants?

Everyone at Longform has read this story and we can say with complete confidence: you'll love it. It's a frontrunner for our Best of 2014 list, an epic tale you can't put down. We'll be bringing you many more Longform App Exclusives, but we couldn't have started with a better pick. And it's 100% totally free, only in the Longform App.

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How Do You Like It Now, Gentlemen?

A profile of Ernest Hemingway.


A Shooting on Spring Grove Avenue

The mystery of a death in Dallas.

Wednesday, October 29

Longform Podcast #115: Jen Percy

Jen Percy is the author of Demon Camp: A Soldier's Exorcism.

"As is the nature of obsession, you just start gathering materials, hoarding documents and taking notes in a way that’s totally chaotic and overwhelming. You don’t even care yet because you’re so excited by what you’re gathering. If you start trying to make a narrative out of it too soon it will be false or fall apart."

Thanks to TinyLetter and Dear Thief, the new novel by Samantha Harvey, for sponsoring this week's episode.

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In Brazilian City, Homeless Face ‘Extermination’

In Goiânia, a city of 1.3 million in Brazil’s agricultural heartland, one in twenty homeless residents have been murdered in the last two years.


Found Money

On cattle auctions, reality TV and coming of age during the Great Recession.


My Captivity

An American journalist on being kidnapped, tortured and released in Syria.