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The Self-Made Man

The story of an American myth.


Something Borrowed, Something Blue

Madewell’s authenticity problem, written by the great-grandson of the company’s founder.


The Leftovers

Paula Deen’s martyrdom industrial complex. On a cruise ship.


Zimmerman Family Values

Their paranoid existence more than two years after George killed Trayvon Martin.

Monday, September 29


A Mobster, a Murder, and a Moll with a Secret

Nearly 70 years after Bugsy Siegel’s unsolved murder in Beverly Hills, a family finally comes forward: they know who did it.


The Man Who Fought the Synanon Cult and Won

Under the cover of curing addicts, they beat and brainwashed their charges in basements across California. When a cult deprogrammer crossed them, he found a rattlesnake in his mailbox.


Trial by Twitter

The murder of a West Virginia teenager by her two best friends.


Before the Law

Sixteen-year-old Kalief Browder was accused of taking a backpack. He spent the next three years on Rikers Island, without trial.

Jennifer Gonnerman on the Longform Podcast.

Sunday, September 28


The Final Walk-Off

An essay on Derek Jeter.


It’s Silly to Be Frightened of Being Dead

The author, age 96, on the end.


Crimetown, U.S.A.

The corruption of Congressman James Traficant.