The Unlikely True International Story of the Man Called Orange Brother

The ups and downs of being an accidental viral sensation.


Native Intelligence

The true story of the first Thanksgiving.


Home for the Holidays

Surviving a trip to see the family for Thanksgiving.

“How I envy people who enjoy the company of their parents without the aid of pharmaceuticals.”

Reprinted from for the Holidays and Other Calamities.

Wednesday, November 25


Don't Cry for Tracy Morgan

“I faced death and all that shit. It’s my responsibility to come back and come back strong. It’s going to take more than a Walmart truck to take that gift away. I can’t wait to make you all laugh. Especially you, Mike. And I already did that today. So all is good.”

Longform Podcast #168: Ta-Nehisi Coates

Ta-Nehisi Coates is a national correspondent for The Atlantic. His latest book, Between the World and Me, just won the National Book Award.

“When I first came to New York, I couldn't see any of this. I felt like a complete washout. I was in my little apartment, eating donuts and playing video games. The only thing I was doing good with my life was being a father and a husband. That was it. David [Carr] was a big shot. And he would call me in, just out of the blue, to have lunch. I was so low at that point. ... He said, ​I think you're a great bet. ... He was remembering people who had invested in him when he was low. That more than anything is why I'm sad he's not here for all of this. Because it's for him. It's to say to him, ​you were right​.”

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User Behaviour

Websites and apps are designed for compulsion, even addiction. So why aren’t they regulated like drugs or casinos?

Tuesday, November 24


The Serial Swatter

How internet trolls dangerously exploit over-militarized police.


Why Did Derrick Gordon Make History and Then Suddenly Shun the Spotlight?

What happened after the first openly gay player in Division I men’s basketball came out.


On Pandering

She can write like a man, they said, by which they meant, She can write.”


In Conversation: DeRay Mckesson

An interview about Black Lives Matter and the last 18 months of activism in America.

Rembert Browne on the Longform Podcast

Monday, November 23


The Keys To Enya's Kingdom

A trip to Enya’s castle in Ireland.

Previously: Anne Helen Petersen on the Longform Podcast

The Rise of the Artisanal Funeral

A 30-year-old funeral director in LA wants to help the living get closer to death.