Anchorman: The Legend of Don Lemon

The CNN Anchor may not be the clueless bumbler the internet believes him to be.

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Putin's Action Hero

When Putin suggested to Obama that the White House and the Kremlin speak through an intermediary, he named who he thought was the obvious candidate: his friend Steven Seagal.


The Underground Inferno that Created a Ghost Town

What remains of the ghost town of Centralia, Pennsylvania.


The Tonya Harding/Nancy Kerrigan Museum We Never Knew We Needed

Is it homage? An art project? Whatever it is, it is very Brooklyn 2015.

Monday, April 20


"We Haven’t Been Able to Rule Him Out"

Nearly 20 years ago in a remote California town, a 16-year-old named Karen Mitchell disappeared. The case went cold, but last month local law enforcement started looking at it again after the arrest of a former resident: Robert Durst.

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The Ghost of Cornel West

The rise and fall of “America’s most exciting black scholar.”


Kidnapped at the Border

Kidnappers in Mexico have changed their business model from retail to wholesale—instead of extorting a handful of rich families, they are targeting thousands of undocumented migrants.


Town Waiting for an Eruption Found It After Firing Its First Black Police Officer

Gerry Pickens took a paycut to join the police department in tiny, overwhelmingly white Orting, Washington. Fired less than a year later, he’s now suing the town for enough to break it.

Sunday, April 19


Drake in Real Life

A week at Coachella with the rapper and some mushrooms.


A Killing in Pocahontas

The murder of a 34-year-old by a wig-wearing figure traces back to meth, an FBI sting and a former municipal judge who once sent a live copperhead snake to a foe through the U.S. mail.