The Friendly Atheists Next Door

Harry Shaughnessy was a suburban dad and a lifelong Catholic. Then he and his family gave up on God.


The Shut-In Economy

There are two roles to play in the new world of on-demand everything: royalty or servant.


The Crash of EgyptAir 990

Investigating a pilot’s choice and the death of 217 people.

Friday, March 27


Isolation Play

For a few weeks a few years ago, Jeremy Lin was on top of the basketball world. Now he’s riding the bench, being taunted by Kobe Bryant, and trying to figure out what the hell happened.


Did the Princeton Preppy Murder His Hedge-Fund Dad?

Tommy Gilbert seemed like your average Beekman Place ne’er-do-well son—until his dad turned up dead.


The Radical Humaneness of Norway's Halden Prison

The Scandinavians had an idea that seems wacky to Americans: make a prison safe and livable.


Take These Broken Wings

An athlete without arms or legs tries to get a spot on a the national wheelchair rugby team.

Thursday, March 26


The Ad-Rock Retirement Plan

The former Beastie Boy, 48, tries to figure out what’s next.


The Children of ISIS

Three siblings from Chicago ran away to become jihadis. Is it fair to try them as terrorists?


Fiction Pick of the Week: "The Extra Mile"

A woman in an unhappy marriage stumbles toward change.

"Without turning the radio on, Hannah drove back into town and into the driveway of her house. She sat there in the car for a long while and ran through the drive with Tex over and over. She wanted to go back and stop herself from touching his leg. She wanted to go back and stop herself from driving there in the first place. She wanted to go back and stop the day from ever starting."


Exonerated and Out of Prison — and That’s When the Trouble Starts

After DNA test cleared Clarence Harrison of a crime he didn’t commit, he was released from prison and awarded $1 million. But the redemption story he tells publicly hides a more complicated reality.

Wednesday, March 25


Fixed Menu

The most coveted items on the prison menu are salt and pepper packets.