Calling Art

On the wandering career and sweet baritone voice of Art Laboe, the DJ behind the phrase “oldies by goodies.”

Longform Podcast #148: Anna Holmes

Anna Holmes, the founding editor of Jezebel, writes for The New York Times and is the editorial director of Fusion.

“I think that Jezebel contributed to what I now call ‘outrage culture,’ but outrage culture has no sense of humor. We had a hell of a sense of humor, that's where it splits off. ... The fact that people who are incredibly intelligent and have interesting things to say aren't given the room to work out their arguments or thoughts because someone will take offense is depressing to me.”

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Nowhere to Turn

A Nepali immigrant tries to survive, and support a family back home, on a cab driver’s wages in Qatar.



“Irrational behavior has always been man’s reaction to the presence of sharks.”

The article that inspired Jaws.

Tuesday, June 30



Eighty percent of North American teenagers are in the care of an orthodontist. On our obsession with perfect teeth.


This is Rikers

Voices from the inside of New York City’s infamous jail.


Playboy Interview: George Carlin

“It’s the American view that everything has to keep climbing: productivity, profits, even comedy. No time for reflection. No time to contract before another expansion. No time to grow up. No time to fuck up. No time to learn from your mistakes. But that notion goes against nature, which is cyclical.”


Monday, June 29


Revenge Killing

The death of an infant lands his father on death row in Louisiana.


“I Thought You Would Help Me”

On immigration detainees in the United Kingdom, and the suffering that lands them in detention.


The Surprisingly Imperfect Science of DNA Testing

Juries trust DNA. But should they?