The Exile of the Bohemians

The artists are leaving San Francisco.


Don’t Call Them Bums

A history of hoboes in America.


The Art of Butchery

We are disgusted by butchery, even as we eat more meat than ever.


The People’s Republic of Cruiseland

The author boards the Costa Atlantica for several days of line dancing, burlesque and buffets as part of the cruise industry’s new foray into China.

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Friday, April 24


The Best Years of Our Lives

Memories of “Hollywood’s most grinding bore,” Ronald Reagan.


Dab Artists

Inside the world of “Wooks,” the loner-craftsmen behind the coming marijuana-concentrate boom.


Close Your Heart

Two brothers divided by Central African Republic’s civil war.


“Do You Understand That Your Baby Goes Away and Never Comes Back?”

In Arkansas, a small cottage industry of lawyers arranges adoptions of the babies of Marshall Islands immigrants. But are parents only giving up their children based on a cultural misunderstanding?

Thursday, April 23


A Deadly Dance

A doctor loses the woman of his dreams and hires a broke friend to help get her back. The plan is to prank her new boyfriend. Today, they’re in jail for murder.

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The Strange Experience of Having My Memoir Turned Into a Movie

Most people think they’d be thrilled to have their memoir snapped up for a movie. The author had a different, more troubled experience.


Fiction Pick of the Week: "Peacetime"

An Iraq War veteran, now a paramedic, runs into trouble.

"I rewarded the man with another hit of naloxone, which made him even more alive, even less happy. Karen was busy with the gear, and I thought for sure that the coast was clear. It wasn’t. As soon as I put the note in my pocket, I saw the boy. He stood in the doorway, watching me with a basically impassive expression. He chewed his gum. He blew a splendid bubble."


Trapped Into Selling Magazines Door-to-Door

Inside the abusive practices of magazine-subscription sub-contractors.