Saturday, November 28


Revenge of the Nerds

How the Caltech basketball team, losers of 310 straight conference games, figured out a formula for winning.


"The System of TV Is Creaking Under Its Own Weight Right Now"

An interview with Michael Schur, who wrote for Saturday Night Live and The Office before co-creating Parks and Recreation and Brookyn Nine-Nine.



The political history of Planned Parenthood.

Friday, November 27


A Dream of Secular Utopia in ISIS' Backyard

On a thin sliver of land called Rojava where "rules of the neighboring ISIS caliphate ha[ve] been inverted," a Kurdish Syrian college trains its future autonomous leaders.

Fiction Pick of the Week: "Briar Switch"

A dangerous trek to visit a dying father.


Crush Point

Why people stampede, and what can be done to prevent “crowd disasters.”

John Seabrook on the Longform Podcast

How the Gun Control Debate Ignores Black Lives

We know that certain programs can help prevent gun deaths among black men. No one in Washington seems to care.

Thursday, November 26


The Unlikely True International Story of the Man Called Orange Brother

The ups and downs of being an accidental viral sensation.


Native Intelligence

The true story of the first Thanksgiving.


Home for the Holidays

Surviving a trip to see the family for Thanksgiving.

“How I envy people who enjoy the company of their parents without the aid of pharmaceuticals.”

Reprinted from for the Holidays and Other Calamities.

Wednesday, November 25


Don't Cry for Tracy Morgan

“I faced death and all that shit. It’s my responsibility to come back and come back strong. It’s going to take more than a Walmart truck to take that gift away. I can’t wait to make you all laugh. Especially you, Mike. And I already did that today. So all is good.”