The Endless Fall of Suge Knight

His health failing and his business in tatters, the head of Death Row Records faces murder charges that could put him away for life.

Previously: Does a Sugar Bear Bite? (Lynn Hirschberg • New York Times Magazine • Jan 1996)

Boy, Interrupted

A drug derived from cannabis was the only thing that could control a young boy’s seizures.


What Is Poetry? And Does It Pay?

A trip to the Famous Poets Society convention/contest in Reno.

Sunday, July 5


Letter to My Son

“Here is what I would like for you to know: In America, it is traditional to destroy the black body—it is heritage.”


Sexts, Hugs, and Rock 'N' Roll

Hanging out with a new celebrity class: the teen kings and queens of social media.


"The Conclusion of the Age of the Prophets"

Remembering jazz musician Ornette Coleman.

Saturday, July 4


Sky High

On fireworks, and the “pyros” who practice the art.

David Grann on Longform

From squid hunters to catastrophically mistaken convictions, con men to Barry Bonds, a dozen of our favorite articles by David Grann.


The Chameleon

Frédéric Bourdin was an imposter. His "trail of cons," for which he used five languages and dozens of identities, extended for years across Europe and America.