Calling Art

On the wandering career and sweet baritone voice of Art Laboe, the DJ behind the phrase “oldies but goodies.”

Monday, June 29


“I Thought You Would Help Me”

On immigration detainees in the United Kingdom, and the suffering that lands them in detention.

Saturday, June 27


Revenge of the Nerds

On Taylor Swift’s passive-aggressive lyrics, the life of the writer, and the pain of middle school.

Excerpted from Here She Comes Now: Women in Music Who Have Changed Our Lives.

Wednesday, June 24


Blow Hard

Scott Storch, a producer who earned six figures for beats he made in less than an hour, was worth an estimated $70 million. Then he blew it all in a bizarre cocaine binge.

Tuesday, June 23


Zane, the Queen of Erotica, Has a Secret

Although she is one of the richest writers in the country, her finances are a mess.

Sunday, June 21


Long Way Home

Memories of her father and her time in Tennessee.


Rescuing Wonderful Shivery Tales

Creating – and revising – the Fairy Tales of the Brothers Grimm.

Friday, June 19


Gone to Ghana

What it’s like to have your novel filmed by Werner Herzog and Klaus Kinski.


Pop Punk Voice

Linguistics and a Blink-182 song.

Tuesday, June 16


The Kerouac Legacy

The “insane playfulness, deliberate infantilism, nutty haikus, naked stripteases, free-form chants and literary war dances of the beats” and their leader.

Sunday, June 14


The Cult of Jurassic Park

On the enduring appeal, both amateur and academic, of man vs. dinosaur.


The New Normal

Scenes of grief, from the sister of comedian Harris Wittels.