The Strange and Mysterious Death of Mrs. Jerry Lee Lewis

How Jerry Lee Lewis got away with murdering 25-year-old Shawn Michelle Stevens, his fifth wife.

Saturday, April 23


Everybody Is a Star: How the Rock Club First Avenue Made Minneapolis the Center of Music in the ’80s

The fabled venue where the Replacements, Hüsker Dü, and Prince emerged.

Friday, April 22


I Am Your Conscious, I Am Love

“A paean 2 Prince.”

Thursday, April 21


Even Sex Goddesses Get the Blues

The Cosmo editor and author of Sex and the Single Girl’s rocky real-life relationships.

Adapted from Not Pretty Enough: The Unlikely Triumph of Helen Gurley Brown.

Monday, April 18


The Brilliant, Troubled Dorothy Parker

“The tragedy of Dorothy Parker, it seems to me, isn’t that she succumbed to alcoholism or died essentially alone. It was that she was too intelligent to believe that she had made the most of herself.”

The Godmother of Soul

A profile of Erykah Badu.

Friday, April 15


Immediate Family

A profile of author Maggie Nelson.

Sunday, April 10


The Man Who Recorded, Tamed and Then Sold Nature Sounds to America

How Irv Teibel pioneered the capturing and repackaging of nature’s acoustics.

Thursday, April 7


Interview: Susan Sarandon

“It never really worked for me to have long arguments about motivation. I think looking at your own life, on- and offscreen, you can motivate anything, or you can delude yourself into anything.”

Wednesday, April 6



A profile of Merle Haggard.


Gotta Dance!

Frankie Manning was the greatest swing dancer alive. Then the world forgot about him.

Tuesday, April 5


The CEO of Hamilton Inc.

A profile of Broadway producer Jeffrey Seller, whose show makes more than $500,000 in profit every week.