Thursday, June 9


Scent of a Woman's Ink

An essay on gynobibliophobia and the critical reception of women writers.

Monday, June 6


The Redeemer

A profile of filmmaker Pedro Almodóvar during the 2004 Cannes International Film Festival.

Wednesday, June 1


Eighty-one Years. Seventy-nine Movies. Two Oscars. Not One Bad Performance.

A rare interview with Gene Hackman, who says Welcome to Mooseport was his last movie, unless he “could do it in my own house.”

Tuesday, May 31


Interview: Nan Goldin

These were the people I lived with, these were my friends, these were my family, this was myself. I’d photograph people dancing while I was dancing Or people having sex while I was having sex. Or people drinking while I was drinking.

Father of the Year

A profile of John Lasseter, chief creative officer at Pixar.

Monday, May 30


O Sister, Where Art Thou?

It is a story that seems almost impossible to believe: a group of female convicts, few of whom had ever played a musical instrument or taken voice lessons, forming a country and western band and becoming, at least in Texas, the Dixie Chicks of their day.

Thursday, May 26


Badlands: An Oral History

On the eve of the release of The Tree of Life, a look back at the turbulent making of Terence Malick’s debut.

Wednesday, May 25


Inside Al Jazeera

The year of the revolution, from behind the camera.

Tuesday, May 24


Jack Kerouac: The Art of Fiction No. 41

An interview on craft:

Writing The Subs in three nights was really a fantastic athletic feat as well as mental, you shoulda seen me after I was done...I was pale as a sheet and had lost fifteen pounds and looked strange in the mirror.


Algren in Exile

On the unlikely friendship between Nelson Algren and the young writer during the final years of Algren’s life.

It was June of 1980 when Nelson called me breathlessly from the highway.

Monday, May 23


The Genius of Buster

A profile of silent film comedian Buster Keaton:

The story of his life seems in its twists and dives borrowed from his movies, survival demanding a pure lack of sentiment.