The Death and Life of Atlantic City

The men who say they’ll try to save the once-bustling gambling resort town.

Saturday, August 29


Bringing Down America's Happiest Christian Cult

How a former member of Jesus People USA exposed its history of sexual abuse.


Slender Man Is Watching

Two young girls attempt to murder another in Waukesha, Wisconsin, trying to bring an internet meme to life.

Wednesday, August 26


The Heart of Football Beats in Aliquippa

The story of a small town just outside Pittsburgh that has suffered through a half-century of economic decline, racial tension, and endless crime. Despite that trajectory, or perhaps because of it, Aliquippa has also produced an astounding number of NFL players.


Structured Settlements

How an entire industry built itself convincing lead-paint poisoning victims to sign over settlement payments for a fraction of what they’re worth.

Tuesday, August 25


"No Place for a Kid to Go"

The chaos of a group home in Long Beach, California.

Sunday, August 23


Dr. Shock

How an apartheid-era psychiatrist went from torturing gay soldiers in South Africa to sexually abusing patients in Canada.

Friday, August 21


Adrian Peterson's Suspended Reality

The running back’s life since he was indicted on charges of beating his son and suspended from the NFL.

Thursday, August 20


Amor Prohibido

The meaning of Selena, 20 years after her death.


How Black Reporters Report On Black Death

“What it means — for the reporting we do, for the brands we represent, and for our own mental health — that we don’t stop being black people when we’re working as black reporters. That we quite literally have skin in the game.”

Tuesday, August 18


The Trials of Ed Graf

The tale of the first conviction overturned on faulty arson science.

Saturday, August 15


"I Dream About It Every Night"

What happens to the people who film famous incidents of police violence.