Monday, October 27


Pipino: Gentleman Thief

Magicians, mafiosos, a missing painting and the heist of a lifetime.

Saturday, October 25


The Horror Before the Beheadings

Those who survived tell the story of twenty three ISIS hostages’ shared months of brutal captivity before some were ransomed and some executed.


By Noon They'd Both Be in Heaven

Kelli Stapleton, whose teenage daughter was autistic and prone to violent rages, had come to fear for her life. So she made a decision that perhaps only she could justify.

Friday, October 24


Monaco Murders Reveal Six Hidden Real Estate Billionaires

Monaco’s richest woman was shot in ambush outside a hospital. Her heirs stand to inherit over a billion dollars each.


Tuesday, October 21


Harry Major Took in Ex-Cons for Sex and Friendship. Then He Turned Up Dead.

“You probably don’t believe me, but I didn’t kill Harry.”

Friday, October 17


Wednesday, October 15


The Stradivarius Affair

The bungled theft of a $6 million violin.

Saturday, October 11


The Spy Who Scammed Us?

Jamie Smith said he was a co-founder of Blackwater and a former CIA officer. He appeared on cable news as a counterterrorism expert and he received millions in goverment contracts to train personnel. The money was real. The resume wasn’t.

Thursday, October 9


The Hidden Sources That Brought Down Nixon in Watergate

Woodward and Bernstein’s other anonymous sources.

Wednesday, October 8


The Empire of Edge

How a doctor and an S.A.C. trader got entangled in a financial scandal.