Saturday, October 24


Death of a Playmate

Dorothy Stratten was the focus of the dreams and ambitions of three men. One killed her.

The winner of the 1981 Pulitzer Prize for Feature Writing, available online for the first time.

Friday, October 23


The Outcast

For almost 20 years, Greg Torti has lived the life of a convicted sex offender—carrying a blue ID card with him at all times, avoiding schools and parks, living on the outskirts of town. It’s a just punishment for the crime, he says. It’s just that he didn’t commit it.

Thursday, October 22


Tears and Terror

The troubling final years of Mickey Rooney’s life.

Tuesday, October 20


Who Killed Lorenzen Wright?

Investigating the unsolved murder of a former NBA player.

Sunday, October 18


A Con Man's Second Act

The story of Aiden Sinclair, the “grifter magician.”

Tuesday, October 13


Shrimp Boy’s Day in Court

What happened when one of San Francisco’s most notorious underworld bosses tried to go clean.

Tuesday, October 6


The Untold Story of the Texas Biker Gang Shoot-Out

When rival gangs confronted each other in the parking lot of a Hooters-esque restaurant, bullets flew. But was the whole a police setup?

Monday, October 5


The Fall of King Coal

The dangerous corporate ethos of former Massey Energy CEO Don Blankenship, who is on trial after an explosion at one of his mines killed 29.


Online Dating Made This Woman a Pawn in a Global Crime Plot

Audrey Elrod thought she had found the man of her dreams. Today she is in a West Virginia prison. She’s broke. And the court has ordered her to pay more than $400,000 to victims of the same man who conned her.

Sunday, October 4


"I Killed Him Because He Was Snitching"

An unlikely friendship bloomed in Oxford, Mississippi between a 30-year-old drug dealer and a college-bound teen after a chance meeting at a hotel pool. Then the dealer began to suspect that his friend was one of the 30 or so confidential informants that Metro Narcotics recruits from around the college town each year.

Friday, October 2


A Criminal Mind

Dr. Joel Dreyer was a respected psychiatrist. Then he took a sudden turn to a life of drug dealing. Medicine might be able to explain why.

Wednesday, September 30


Vegas on the Black Sea

A trip to Batumi, Georgia.