Monday, June 8


Against His Better Judgment

A federal judge resents the harshness of mandatory drug sentences.


Harry Devert Took a Wrong Turn in Mexico

The last trip of a dedicated wanderer.


The Odd Couple

Madeleine Fullard is on a mission to locate the remains of apartheid’s murdered activists. She needs the help of Eugene de Kock, a former police squad leader known as “Prime Evil,” to do so.

Thursday, June 4


The Lost Man

In 1948, a man was found on a beach in South Australia. The circumstances of his death and his identity were rich with mystery. When an amateur sleuth became obsessed, he could not imagine where the clues would lead him.

Wednesday, June 3


Dwight and Paul Have Left the Building

The life and death of an Elvis obsessive.

Monday, June 1


Poison Prison

“If you’re a glass is half-full kind of person, you’d say they’re repurposing the abandoned coal mine” and using it to create jobs, says Wright. “And if you're a glass is half-empty kind of person, you'd say it's pretty unconscionable that you’re putting people in cages at gunpoint and putting them in toxic waste sites.”

Saturday, May 30


"You Call This An Emergency?"

Investigating the death of Rikers Island women’s jail inmate Jackie Caquias, and other abuses of women prisoners’ access to medical care.

Friday, May 29


A Thousand Pounds of Dynamite

In 1980, a bankrupt gambler came up with a plan to get his money back. He built an incredibly complex bomb, one that was impossible to defuse and that only he knew how to move, and snuck it into a Lake Tahoe casino with an extortion note demanding $3 million. Part of the plan worked. Part of it did not.

Thursday, May 28


Under the Skin

A West Hollywood aesthetician made headlines after allegedly trying to have a business rival killed. But the real story, involving ongoing harassment and a member of the so-called Bling Ring, may be more complicated.


How Do You Define a Gang Member?

If you’re in a gang, the law can impose harsh penalties. But even though the police think they’ve got all the signs of gang membership down pat, it turns out that you can’t really tell just by looking.

Wednesday, May 27


17 Shots in Pasco

The life of Antonio Zambrano-Montes, shot dead by the police in Washington state.

Tuesday, May 26


The Quest for Hitler's Lost Treasures

The detective work that led to the recovery of a trove of stolen Nazi art.