Thursday, March 26


Exonerated and Out of Prison — and That’s When the Trouble Starts

After DNA test cleared Clarence Harrison of a crime he didn’t commit, he was released from prison and awarded $1 million. But the redemption story he tells publicly hides a more complicated reality.

Wednesday, March 25


Fixed Menu

The most coveted items on the prison menu are salt and pepper packets.

Tuesday, March 24


Monday, March 23


The Unauthorized Biography of a Black Cop

“When I was a child, Dad told me that he chose to become a cop because a cop was the most respected man on the block. When I took a seat at the grown folks table, he told me that he wanted control.”

Sunday, March 22


The Strange Saga and Dark Secrets of Matt DeHart

The government says Matt DeHart is an online child predator. DeHart—and his parents—say he’s being framed over his knowledge of CIA secrets.

Saturday, March 21


How a Michigan Farmer Made $4 Million Smuggling Rare Pez Containers Into the U.S.

“In essence, Pez ordered his economic assassination,” said a fellow Pez dealer.

Tuesday, March 17


The Accident

An essay on a fatal car crash in the author’s youth.

Monday, March 16


Charles Bowden’s Fury

The lingering psychological effects of being one of the greatest crime reporters of all time.


Crackdown in a Detroit Stripped of Metal Parts

Detroit is trying to end the longstanding practice of “scrapping,” which is the only way some of its residents can earn a living.


Why Do Severed Goat Heads Keep Turning Up in Brooklyn?

Santería or Vodou are explored as possibilities.

Sunday, March 15


A Grand Juror Speaks

Even an “obstructionist bloc” can’t resist handing prosecutors the indictments they want.


Broken on the Wheel

An innocent man was executed – in 1761. Voltaire got on the case.