Tuesday, May 5

Monday, May 4


Hot Shmurda

He went from a viral pop hit to an arrest for conspiracy to murder charges in just under six months. Was Bobby Shmurda “too real” for his label?


The Painful Price of Aging in Prison

Harsh sentences have given us an aging prison population, and all the medical problems that come with age are beginning to choke the system.

Sunday, May 3


The Suit Who Spooked the EPA

John Beale was an exemplary employee at the Environmental Protection Agency. He also led a double life, though not the rumored one at the CIA his colleagues whispered about.


Killer Pharmacy

A steep discount on pharmaceutical drugs leads to a mass-murder case.

Saturday, May 2


The Fall of the Cherry King

Arthur Mondella took over his family’s maraschino cherry business reluctantly. But once he had it, he started a second enterprise. Behind an unmarked roll-down gate, behind some of his prized luxury cars, behind a pair of closet doors, behind a set of button-controlled shelves, behind a fake wall and down a ladder in a hole in the floor, Mondella built a 2,500-square-foot marijuana factory. When the police finally found it, he shot himself.

Wednesday, April 29


Game of Fear

A man felt wronged by his ex-girlfriend, a video game designer. So he published a 9,425-word online screed with "each component designed to be as damaging to [her] as possible." It sparked the online fire known as "Gamergate."

The Boxer and the Batterer

An essay on Floyd Mayweather Jr. as both.


Welcome to Pariahville

The author visits City of Refuge in Pahokee, Florida, a community of more than 100 registered sex offenders.

Tuesday, April 28


The Rise and Fall of the Bombshell Bandit

How a 24-year-old nurse discovered Vegas, high-stakes gambling, and serial bank robbery.

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The Untold Story of Silk Road (Part 1)

How Ross Ulbricht went from idealistic used-book seller to murderous drug kingpin.

Monday, April 27


Tony Wheat Has Been Sorry for So Long

In 1965, Wheat was sentenced to death for armed robbery and murder. When his sentence was commuted, he decided to devote the rest of his life to helping people.