Wednesday, December 31


How Could a Woman Just Vanish?

On July 22, 2013, 66-year-old Gerry Largay began hiking a 32 mile section of the Appalachian Trail. She hasn’t been heard from since.

Wednesday, December 24

Tuesday, December 23


The Troll Hunters

A group of journalists and researchers wade into ugly corners of the Internet to expose racists, creeps, and hypocrites. Have they gone too far?

Monday, December 22

Sunday, December 21


The Chopping Houses

Fears of witchcraft leave a trail of dismembered bodies in Buenaventura, Colombia.

Friday, December 19


A Tree Is Known By Its Fruit

The rise and murderous fall of the Harkey family, the scions of a pecan dynasty.


The Disappeared

The story of September 26, 2014, the day 43 Mexican students went missing.

Thursday, December 18


Framed By Forensics

Junky, out-of-date science fuels jury errors and tragic miscarriages of justice. How can we throw it out of court?

Tuesday, December 16


"Witness 40": Exposing A Fraud In Ferguson

“The grand jury witness who testified that she saw Michael Brown pummel a cop before charging at him ‘like a football player, head down,’ is a troubled, bipolar Missouri woman with a criminal past who has a history of making racist remarks and once insinuated herself into another high-profile St. Louis criminal case with claims that police eventually dismissed as a ‘complete fabrication.’”

Saturday, December 13


The Trenchcoat Robbers

They robbed 27 banks in 15 years, one of the most prolific streaks in American history. Then they slipped up.

Friday, December 12


The Making of a Narco State

Following the money and the opium in Afghanistan.


The Untold Story of the Doodler Murders

San Francisco’s forgotten serial killer.

Elon Green is a Longform contributing editor.