Monday, September 14


An American Void

A trailer and the people who lived with Dylann Roof in it before he killed nine people in a Charleston church.

Friday, September 11


Murder Most Yale

No one knew how Suzanne Jovin ended up in a wealthy neighborhood away from Yale’s campus in New Haven, or why she was brutally stabbed on the sidewalk, apparently by someone she knew. The only suspect that police named was her thesis advisor.


The Real Heroes Are Dead

The epic life story of Rick Rescorla: immigrant, war hero, husband, and head of security at Morgan Stanley/Dean Witter, occupant of 22 floors in the South Tower.


One Lawyer’s Crusade to Defend Extreme Pornography

Meet Britain’s “Batman of obscenity.”

Thursday, September 10


The Prophet of Paranoia

John McAfee created one of the first anti-virus programs. Then he traveled to Belize, where he lived with a harem of young women and a lot of guns. His neighbor was murdered under mysterious circumstances. Today he’s convinced he’s being followed by members of the Sinaloa Cartel, as evidenced by packets of cream cheese he claims to have found near his residence. He also wants you to use his new mobile security apps.


The Siege of Herbalife

Activist investor Bill Ackman set out to destroy the multilevel marketing company. But did he wind up helping it succeed instead?


The Cops That Would Save a Country

Creating a new, clean police force in the Ukraine.

Wednesday, September 9



On America, Christianity, and “ignorance, intolerance, and belligerent nationalism.”

Tuesday, September 8


Whatsoever Things Are True

Thirty-three years ago, a Chicago man was sentenced to death for murder. In 1999, another man confessed to the crime. Today, they are both free.

Monday, September 7


The Worst of the Worst

A profile of Judy Clarke, who takes on the most heinous, notorious defendants in America, trying to save them from the death penalty. Until Dzokhar Tsarnaev, she usually succeeded.


Hook, Line, and Sinker

A treasure hunter found the world’s richest shipwreck off the coast of Cape Cod. Or at least that’s what he told his investors.

Saturday, September 5


The Day Treva Throneberry Disappeared

A high school student disappears, only to turn up more than 10 years later – posing as a high school student.