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Atlanta Magazine

18 articles

Foul Territory

A father who brought his daughter to a ballgame and the fallout from a foul ball.


The Many Lives of Aubrey Lee Price

A pastor-turned-banker fakes his own death after allegedly embezzling millions and defrauding investors.


This Land Is My Land

In North Georgia, two men feud over a quarter-mile property line.



An oral history of the day Martin Luther King, Jr. was shot.


My Brother's Keeper

Throughout their troubled lives, identical twins William and Chris Cormier shared a preternatural bond. Then the body of a Florida journalist ended up in their backyard.



At various points, Thomas Mitchell was a novelist, an attorney, a scientist, a Hollywood dealmaker and a CIA higher-up. He was also a con man.


Anatomy of a Divorce

The author ponders the dissolution of his own marriage, and others.


The Debtor

Darren Lumar lived in mansions he didn’t own, ran companies that didn’t make a dime, went to colleges that didn’t exist and slept with “any number of women” despite being married to James Brown’s daughter. When he was murdered, the cops had a problem: too many possible suspects.


No Earthly Trace

Eighteen-year-old Justin Gaines disappears after a night at a bar.


The Accused

A survivor’s frightening account.


Final Exit

On the Final Exit Network, a controversial right-to-die organization, and the death of their client John Celmer.


Her Own Flesh and Blood

A family of Georgia churchgoers contracted the plague of their time, HIV. Some survived, some didn’t—this is the story of their family over thirty years.


The Town That Blew Away

Fourteen other tornadoes hit Georgia on April 27 and 28. This was not the record — that would be twenty, during Tropical Storm Alberto in 1994. But it was one of the worst twenty-four-hour periods in the history of the state. Tornadoes hit Trenton, Cherokee Valley, south of LaGrange, and Covington; killed seven people in a neighborhood in Catoosa County, swept through Ringgold, and killed two more — a disabled man and his caregiver — in a double-wide trailer on the far end of Spalding County. Those tornadoes got all the attention. The Vaughn tornado didn’t even warrant an article in a major newspaper. No one talked about Vaughn. The only way for a person to really find out about it was to drive past.

The Beards Are A Joke

Four unhealthy, bearded, mostly unknown comedians from Atlanta tour 3,020 miles in a van.


Zombies Are So Hot Right Now

On the fascination, from Hollywood to Atlanta, with zombies.


The Golden Boy and the Invisible Army

The story of H1N1 and one of the lives it claimed.


The Heavy Footfalls of Doc Hullender

An acquaintance dies in Iraq and a writer investigates. “How did Michael come to inspire such loyalty? And how did he come to die on the floodplain of the Euphrates? I looked closer and saw they were the same.”