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Boston Magazine

13 articles

The Murders Before the Marathon

A triple homicide, the alleged involvement of a Boston Marathon bombing suspect, and those caught up in the FBI’s ongoing investigation.


Losing Aaron

Aaron Swartz, MIT and a father’s search for justice.


Naked Joe

In 1913, Joe Knowles became a media sensation after fleeing into the Maine woods wearing nothing but a jockstrap. Two months and one bear-clubbing incident later, the “Nature Man” returned to civilization as a hero. But was it all hoax?


Back to the Grind

A coffee maven—and Frappuccino inventor—attempts a comeback in the cafe business.


Pregnant Pause?

On drinking alcohol while pregnant.



Becoming a priest in Boston amidst a sex abuse scandal and church closings.


The Shocking Truth

The story of a device that delivers electric shocks to students at a school for special needs.


The Loved One

In the late 90s, an American man adopted a 5-year-old from the Ukraine. A decade later, one of the two would be accused of molesting young boys. The other would be charged with murder.


End Game

How Curt Schilling’s video-game company went bust.


The Audition

On trying out for the Boston Symphony Orchestra.


Injustice for All

John MacNeil was convicted by the state of Massachusetts of second-degree murder. He was given a life sentence. He escaped. He was caught. Through an incredible feat of jailhouse lawyering, he somehow got himself paroled and exiled to Canada. Then he came home.


Return to Sender

Shiva Ayyadurai told the world he invented email. Not everyone agreed.


Boy Crazy

The rise and fall of NAMBLA (North American Man Boy Love Association), from its 1970s founding as a splinter group within the gay rights movement to its current incarnation as the most reviled organization in America.