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The Suicide Files

The story of a sheriff's deputy in Minnesota who took his own life.
"If anything happens to me," Ruettimann said, "give this to the reporter." After Ruettimann's death, Hereaux took the file down off his desk. Inside was a thick stack of loose-leaf documents, a manila folder stuffed with letters, and a catalog-size clasp envelope labeled "Reports." Written in black permanent marker in the margin of the envelope was the reporter's name: mine.

Erik Turbenson suicide foreshadowed gay taunting trouble at Anoka-Hennepin

One student’s struggle, and the lawsuit that could put an end to a controversial “neutrality policy” in the Minnesota school district.


The Chosen One

The first profile of Michele Bachmann.


The Social[ist] Network

The story of Daily Kos and its founder, Markos Moulitsas.


The Land of GoBots, Pound Puppies, and Care Bears

How Minnesota became a hotbed of toy invention.


Forging the Oregon Trail

Forty years ago, a trio of student teachers created the most popular educational game of all-time.


Plagiarism Inc.

When the Internet made plagiarism harder, Jordan Kavoosi saw a burgeoning market for original essays. But in his empire of fake papers, it’s the writers, not the students, who get the shaft.