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16 articles

Just Undo It

A 2011 profile of LeBron James, originally meant to run in Port, that was killed by Nike.


The Big Book of Black Quarterbacks

The stories of the 109 black men who have played quarterback in the NFL, from Fritz Pollard to Russell Wilson.


A Sense of Who You Are

How fight coach Greg Jackson, once dubbed “the Philosopher King of MMA,” does his job.


The Long Con: How The Manziels Conquered America

The family history behind college football’s most talked-about player.


Can Diamond Dallas Page Save Wrestling's Walking Dead?

On a makeshift halfway house for down-and-out former wrestlers.


My Roger Ebert Story

“The first time I was ever published in a book was 1997. It was because I found Roger Ebert’s email and asked him a question.”


(Un)dead Wrestler Of The Week: The Undertaker

On the career and legacy of America’s most popular wrestler.


Manti Te’o’s Dead Girlfriend, the Most Heartbreaking and Inspirational Story of the College Football Season, Is a Hoax

The story was told by Sports Illustrated, CBS News, and countless others: linbeacker Manti Te’o, Heisman trophy candidate and the face of Notre Dame football, was playing brilliantly despite the tragic loss of his girlfriend to leukemia early in the season. The reporters missed one key element of Te’o’s story, however: the girl hadn’t died. She couldn’t have. She didn’t exist.


How To Not Be The Biggest Asshole In Media: 4 Lessons I Learned From Meeting Jay Mariotti And Reading His Awful Book

“What follows is my attempt, based on a few increasingly hostile exchanges and a close reading of his terrible book, not only to examine why Mariotti is currently jobless but to explain why, in a sane world, he should forever remain that way. I present this as a cautionary tale for other sportswriters, both young and old.”


Is an ESPN Columnist Scamming People on the Internet?

The strange saga of Sarah Phillips, who went from message board commenter to ESPN gambling columnist and hid her identity from editors, scamming many of the people she met along the way.


"Cut Back To A Wide Shot. Open The Skull": The Faces Of Death Guy Looks Back

A profile of John Alan Schwartz, creator of one of the most notorious movies ever made.


Dropping in on the Demented Utopia of the Gathering of the Juggalos

A reporter recounts her weekend as an undercover Juggalette.


Chasing Jose

What one learns about Jose Canseco while trying, unsuccessfully, to interview Jose Canseco.


Confessions of a Former Adolescent Puck Tease

A remembrance of relationships formed when the author, at 13 and using a false identity, frequented hockey chat rooms.


The Legend of Black Superman

In the 1980s, Billy Ray Bates, once dubbed “the Legend,” drank himself out of the NBA and ended up playing in the Philippines. For a few wild years, his legend grew–both on the court and in the bars.