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The Deported

Life in Mexico immediately after being forced to leave the U.S.


Buy the Right Thing

On a press junket in Ecuador, the author investigates the ethics of shopping.


The End of Cheap Coffee

The case for why a cup of joe is about to become a luxury item.


What Women Want

A profile of a breakout male porn star:

The porn machine churns out performers to satisfy every fantasy, be it MILF, dwarf, fat, granny, or gang bang. But if you’re interested in watching a young, heterosexual, nonrepulsive man engage in sex, James Deen is basically it.


Chat History

Nearly four years later, I sometimes type his email address in the search box in my Gmail. Hundreds of results pop up, and I’ll pick a few at random to read. The ease of our everyday interactions is what kills me.

Remembering a relationship through IM.


Identity Crisis

Is the desire in teens to switch their sex a mental disorder that needs treatment?


I'm Gonna Need You to Fight Me on This

A reporter on how violent sex helped ease her PTSD.


The Patent Troll

Erich Spangenberg is in the business of owning other people’s ideas. He makes a fortune.


Not TV

How HBO went from sitcoms starring Delta Burke and O.J. Simpson to The Wire. The view from a former HBO employee who witnessed the channel’s rise to prominence firsthand.