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Jailed for Success

Why Iran punished two leading AIDS doctors.


The Curious Case of the Sherlock Pilgrims

In the Swiss town of Meiringen, where an obsessed group of ‘pilgrims’ painstakingly recreate the death of Sherlock Holmes.


Playboy Goes West

As Playboy magazine moves to Los Angeles, the writer considers its place in the Midwest.

No other general interest magazine tried to reach readers in the wide swathe of land between New York and California. “It was a Midwestern magazine, designed for people there. If you wanted it to be hip, edgy, go toe-to-toe with GQ, you were making a mistake,” said Chris Napolitano, a former executive editor who began at Playboy in 1988.


Prada Prostitutes

Booker winner Howard Jacobson on the bumper crop of hooker memoirs and what they say about our understanding of paid sex.