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The Virginia Quarterly Review

13 articles

Voice and Hammer

He outsold Elvis, signed one of the first pay-for-play contracts and befriended Martin Luther King Jr. A profile of Harry Belafonte.


The Rules of the Game

A history of the Hollywood publicity racket.


A Threat to Public Order

The impossible task of touring a tractor factory in post-Soviet Belarus.


Mother of God, Child of Zeus

On the perils and poisons of mining for gold in southeastern Peru.


Loch Ness Memoir

A trip to Scotland and an investigation of enduring belief:

I remember reading about the deathbed confession, and how strangely sad it made me, even though I had not, at that point, believed in the monster for years. How much sadder, I wondered, would it make those who still believed in the existence of a monster in Loch Ness?


Double Vision

The perspective-bending art of identical twins Trevor and Ryan Oakes.


India’s Vanishing Vultures

The disappearance of a legendary scavenger could have dire consequences for a swelling human population.


Maoists in the Forest

India’s greatest terror threat may not be militants slipping across the Pakistani border, but rather the homegrown Maoist rebels who control the villages of the interior.


After the Fall

A trip to interview former South Vietnamese premiere Ky on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the reunification of Vietnam ends with government surveillance, partying, and confusion.


The Christian with Four Aces

Pat Robertson was 29 years old, possessionless, and living in a Bed-Stuy brownstone when he announced that God had told him to buy a fledgling TV station in Virginia. Here’s what happened next.


60 Hours of Terror

The defining, minute-by-minute account of the 2008 attacks in Mumbai.


The Cocaine Coast

In nine hours, Guinea-Bissau’s President and military leader were assassinated in separate incidents. Their dealings had turned the country into the runway of choice for drug smugglers and Hezbollah.