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The Walrus

17 articles

The Secret Life of Max Stern

The Nazis stole his family’s paintings, but Max Stern escaped and became one of Canada’s leading art dealers. Now, 20 after his death, he is changing the rules of restitution.


The Trials of Philip Halliday

The story of a naïve fisherman, a boat headed for Spain and 1.5 tons of cocaine.


The Talk

What happens when you target sex ed at boys?


The Story Behind the Rob Ford Story

The unmuzzling of Canadian journalism.


Boy Next Door

Growing up in a Toronto suburb while a serial rapist is on the loose.


Body and Soul

On disability, adolescence and friendship after a paralyzing accident.


The Marineland Dreamland

On disposing of a dead sea lion, and the pitfalls of memory.


The Meaning of White

A mother struggles to cope when a child is born with albinism.


Manufacturing Taste

The history of Kraft Dinner, Canada’s “de facto national dish.”


On Tipping in Cuba

Colonialism, the convertible peso, and the strange dance between the cheap beach tourist and the tour guide tout.


Approximate Directions to a Burial

A son chronicles his father’s death:

My father's mortician was a careless barber. Stepping up to the open casket, I realized too much had been taken off the beard. The sides were trimmed tidy, the bottom cut flat across. It was a disconcerting sight, because in his last years, especially, my father had worn his beard wild, equal parts loony chemist and liquor store Santa. The mortician ought to have known this, I thought, because he knew the man in life. My father — himself the grandson of a funeral home director — would drop by Davey-Linklater in Kincardine, Ontario, now and then for a friendly chat. How's business? Steady as she goes? Death was his favourite joke.


Life After Death

How is Canada’s “post-AIDS” generation coping? Not that well.

[I]n some ways we are still hopelessly lost. A generation of men who could have been our mentors was decimated. The only thing we learned from observing them was to ruthlessly identify “AIDS face,” that skeletal appearance the early HIV drugs wrought on patients by wasting away their bodily tissues. But those faces grow more rare each day.

The Lost Canadians

A report from Minnesota’s Angle Township, which was put in the U.S. instead of Canada by a map-maker’s error.


Last Stand in Kandahar

The apparatus of counterinsurgency and occupation has funneled billions of dollars into Afghanistan, and much of it has ended up in the hands of insurgents. For those who have profited—be it through aid, extortion, corruption or legitimate business—there is very little incentive to bring the conflict to an end.


The Unrepentant Whore

A profile of Canadian politician Jamie Lee Hamilton.


The World’s ‘Best’ Car Bombers?

An interview with an ex-CIA agent who is a world expert on the history of car bombing.


The Most Hated Name in News

Al-Jazeera English dominated the international coverage of the 2008-2009 Gaza war. And now it’s poised to invade North America.