Playing Chicken

The agriculture industry has known for 40 years that using antibiotics can create superbugs. Only one company has taken the science seriously.

Tuesday, May 17


The False Promise of DNA Testing

Once viewed as a forensic “silver bullet,” DNA evidence is coming under fire.

Monday, May 16


The Secret History of Bioluminescence

On the longstanding human fascination with a light source we could borrow but not share.

Friday, May 13


Butterfly on a Bullet

A 6-part investigation of the Space Shuttle Columbia disaster.

Tuesday, May 10


Feel Me

On the science of touch.

Sunday, May 8


Friday, May 6


"You Want a Description of Hell?"

Purdue Pharma’s marketing materials say OxyContin works for 12 hours. It doesn’t. And this problem, long-denied by the drugmaker, is what makes it highly addictive.

Thursday, May 5


The Amateur Cloud Society That (Sort Of) Rattled the Scientific Community

A cloud enthusiast becomes an advocate for a new type of cloud.

Tuesday, May 3


Cruising Through the End of the World

What increased tourism means for the people of the Northwest Passage.

Eva Holland is a Longform editor.

Monday, May 2


The Cure For Fear

A single pill could take the sting out of our memories of trauma.

Sunday, May 1


Fraying at the Edges

One woman’s hunt for possibility after an Alzheimer’s diagnosis.

Saturday, April 30


Inhaling the Spore

A trip to the Museum of Jurassic Technology in Los Angeles.