Tuesday, December 17


The Bear Slayer

On Romanian dictator Nicolae Ceausescu’s lust for blood-sport.

Sunday, December 15


The Belly of the Beast

The price we pay for cheap meat.

Saturday, December 14


Show Dog

“If I were a bitch, I’d be in love with Biff Truesdale. Biff is perfect. He’s friendly, good-looking, rich, famous, and in excellent physical condition. He almost never drools.”

Tuesday, December 10


There’s a Reason They Call Them ‘Crazy Ants’

A battle against an invasive breed of ants has begun in Texas. It also might be over already.


The Nastiest Injury in Sports

On the history, science, and rise of ACL tears.

Friday, December 6


Sex, Lies and HIV

On the criminalization of nondisclosure.

Thursday, December 5


23 and You

On recreational genetics, privacy and the new vulnerability of family secrets.

Monday, December 2


The Big Sleep

On Ambien and the search for the next blockbuster insomnia drug.

Friday, November 29


The Science of Hatred

A Bosnian social psychologist who studies guilt and responsibility in the collective memory (and denial) of Sreberbica, which is “among the most scientifically documented mass killings in history.”

Monday, November 25


The Science of Citizenship

A former teacher on what students lose when elementary schools skimp on science.

Sunday, November 24


The Surge

The fight to vaccinate children in the border regions between Pakistan and Afghanistan as part of an attempt to eradicate polio worldwide.