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Wednesday, August 28


The Gangster in the Huddle

On the fall of Aaron Hernandez, who friends say had been “twisted on dust for more than a year” before the murder of Odin Lloyd.

Tuesday, August 27

Sunday, August 25


The Match Maker

On September 20, 1973, 50 million Americans watched Bobby Riggs lose to Billie Jean King in a tennis match dubbed “The Battle of the Sexes.” This spring, a man named Hal Shaw came forward with a secret he’d held for 40 years: Riggs, in debt to the mafia, had lost on purpose.

Friday, August 23


D'Andre Brown's Basketball Dream

On not making the NBA.

Thursday, August 22


The Last Days of Stealhead Joe

On the troubled, legendary Deschutes River fly-fishing guide.

Tuesday, August 20


The Cruelest Sport

“Professional boxing is the only major American sport whose primary, and often murderous, energies are not coyly deflected by such artifacts as balls and pucks.”


Medora Goes To The Game

A father and his 9-year-old daughter watch Harvard play Yale in football.

Sunday, August 18


Inside the Double Life of Aaron Hernandez

The house at 114 Lake Avenue in Bristol, CT that kept calling Aaron Hernandez, a NFL star by 20, back to “a volatile underworld of guns, drugs, and violence.”

Thursday, August 15


Shadow of a Nation

Basketball on a Crow reservation and a player named Jonathan Takes Enemy trying to escape.

Wednesday, August 14


The Jockey

A profile of Russell Baze, the winningest jockey in American history.

Tuesday, August 13


The Long Con: How The Manziels Conquered America

The family history behind college football’s most talked-about player.

Monday, August 12