Sunday, April 5


He’s the Last Boxer to Beat Floyd Mayweather Jr., and He So Regrets It

What happend to Serafim Todorov after the 1996 Olympic featherweight semifinals.

Saturday, April 4


A Sense of Where You Are

Bill Bradley was a Rhodes scholar, a three-term U.S. Senator and a presidential candidate. But before all that, he was the best college basketball player in the country.

Thursday, April 2


After the Crash

The death of Bobby Phills, an NBA player who made one terrible mistake.

Wednesday, April 1


The Curious Case of Sidd Finch

A profile of a previously unknown rookie pitcher for the Mets who dropped out of Harvard, made a spiritual quest to Tibet, and somewhere along the line figured out how to throw a baseball much, much faster than anyone else on Earth.

Monday, March 30


Watching Rocky II with Muhammad Ali

“The regular average layman couldn’t see what I see. And the way they’re painting the trainer is all wrong. Look at him there, screaming, Do this! and Do that! I never had anyone telling me what to do. I did it. Shouting at the fighter like that makes him look like an animal, like a horse to be trained.”

Sunday, March 29


The Unhappy King of Snooker

Ronnie O’Sullivan is the best snooker player in the world. He’s also the most tormented.

Saturday, March 28


John Madden Hockey

The making of an all-time great video game.

Friday, March 27


Isolation Play

For a few weeks a few years ago, Jeremy Lin was on top of the basketball world. Now he’s riding the bench, being taunted by Kobe Bryant, and trying to figure out what the hell happened.


Take These Broken Wings

An athlete without arms or legs tries to get a spot on a the national wheelchair rugby team.

Tuesday, March 24


The Troubled, Tormented, Surprisingly Lucky Life of Michael Graham

What happened to one of the most hated basketball players in NCAA history after playing a single season at Georgetown.

Thursday, March 19


The Miami Connection

Billionaire Marcelo Claure wants to help David Beckham bring professional soccer to South Florida. He just doesn't want to talk about it.

Tuesday, March 10


When Muhammad Ali Was a Has-Been

Twelve columns about the boxer’s descent, originally published in the Chicago Daily News and the Chicago Sun-Times.

Excerpted from Writers' Fighters and Other Sweet Scientists.