Saturday, July 18


My Month of Hell in a Gay CrossFit Cult

“The whole thing has a sort of Taylor Swift-meets-jihad feel.”

Saturday, July 11


Serena Williams: The Great One

The best women’s tennis player of all-time opens up.

Saturday, June 20


Believe in Featherbowling

“This is a story about the most magical, mystical sport on earth, and the Detroit lifer who improbably became its king. Also, it’s about an art heist.”

Sunday, June 7


Pure Heart

The life and death of the racehorse Secretariat.

Friday, June 5


Off Track

Alberto Salazar is one of the most celebrated running coaches in the world. Is he also a cheater?

Thursday, June 4


The Gordie Howe Protocol

The hockey legend’s new life as a medical icon for a questionable stem-cell treatment.

Wednesday, June 3


Learn to Dunk

A 42-year-old man with small hands and a dream.

Tuesday, June 2


A League of His Own

How Sepp Blatter controlled soccer.

Monday, May 25



Searching for the line between courage and humility on an expedition to Cirque of the Unclimbables, a remote ring of perfect rock-climbing mountains in Canada.

Tuesday, May 12


Can Horse Racing Be Cleaned Up?

Doping is a problem for equine sports, too.

Sunday, May 10


The Player Whose Bell Stayed Rung

Football-related brain damage made Rickie Harris fall from the heights of the NFL to serving a DUI sentence in his ex-wife’s basement.

Friday, May 8


She Could Be An Olympic Runner, But Her Brain Is At War With Her Body

On Amaris Tyynismaa, the 14-year-old star runner who has Tourette’s.