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Why a Generation of Adoptees Is Returning to South Korea

Thousands of Korean children were sent abroad beginning in the 1950s. Now, many of them are returning to their country of origin.


Giving Away "Anatoly Z."

An attempt to destigmatize failed adoptions.


A Signature Moment

Thirty-one years ago, Joy Hunley’s daughter was adopted. At least that’s what the paperwork says.


The Loved One

In the late 90s, an American man adopted a 5-year-old from the Ukraine. A decade later, one of the two would be accused of molesting young boys. The other would be charged with murder.


What Happens to the Children Nobody Wants?

Norma Claypool earned notoriety for welcoming 15 “hard-to-adopt” children into her Baltimore home. Norma Claypool is also elderly and blind.


How Ethiopia's Adoption Industry Dupes Families and Bullies Activists

In 2008, a 38-year old Oklahoma nurse whom I'll call Kelly adopted an eight-year old girl, "Mary," from Ethiopia. It was the second adoption for Kelly, following one from Guatemala. She'd sought out a child from Ethiopia in the hopes of avoiding some of the ethical problems of adopting from Guatemala: widespread stories of birthmothers coerced to give up their babies and even payments and abductions at the hands of brokers procuring adoptees for unwitting U.S. parents. Now, even after using a reputable agency in Ethiopia, Kelly has come to believe that Mary never should have been placed for adoption.