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In the Land of Missing Persons

Alaska brims with stories of people who vanish and are given up for dead. Once in a while, the dead return.


Stickeen: The Story of a Dog

An adventure on an Alaskan glacier with a new best friend.


The Greatest Boat Race Ever Dreamed Up Over Beers

An ocean race from the Olympic Peninsula to Alaska, with no motors allowed.


The Man Who Loved Grizzlies

Timothy Treadwell liked to say that, “Grizzlies are misunderstood.” Then one killed him.


Welcome to Dog World!

Spending the summer as a tour guide on a glacier.


Climate Change Takes a Village

Citizens of Shishmaref, Alaska are watching their beaches disappear and their homes fall into the sea. Is it too late to relocate?


The Alaska of Giants and Gods

A single mother and her children attend an Alaskan cruise ship magic show.

"The magician from Luxembourg did his tricks, which seemed more sophisticated than those of his predecessors. Maybe because they involved roses? Before him there had been merely carnations. The roses, this was a step up. Women holding roses appeared in boxes, boxes on wheels, and the man from Luxembourg turned these boxes around and around. Then he opened the boxes, and the women were not there; they were somewhere else. Behind screens! In the audience!"


Haul Road

A conversation between two truckers on a wintry Alaskan highway.

"Even at twenty-five miles an hour the snowfall looks like a TV left on through dawn. French is on the radio, letting the checkpoint know how fucked the storm is. There’s nothing we can do but watch the path of the road to not end up in a ditch, or worse, the pipeline. Of course, the checkpoint’s still timing us, that’s the rules and breaking the haul road’s speed limit is the kind of thing that’ll get you shit-canned. French hangs the mic on the dash. 'Hey, G.P.,' he says, picking up where he left off, “how’s a Green Peace turd like yourself do with the ladies?'"


Wilderness Women

The wild competition to be “worshipped” by Alaska’s most eligible bachelors.


Chasing Alexander Supertramp

Twenty years after the world first heard about Christopher McCandless, fans of Into the Wild continue to risk their lives to reach the bus where he died.


Killing Wolves

Wolf-trapping school in Alaska.


Out in the Great Alone

A trip to the Iditarod.