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12 articles

Reaching My Autistic Son Through Disney

How Owen came to communicate again.


The Entrapment of Jesse Snodgrass

An undercover cop targets an autistic teen as a drug dealer.


Dream Map to a Mind Seized

A mother on her autistic child’s progression and regression.


Catch Me If You Can

When an autistic child goes missing.


Little Boy Lost

On a child diagnosed with autism:

The worst part was that I knew he sensed it, too. In the same way that I know when he wants vegetable puffs or puréed fruit by the subtle pitch of his cries, I could tell that he also perceived the change—and feared it. At night he was terrified to go to bed, needing to hold my fingers with one hand and touch my face with the other in order to get the few hours of sleep he managed. Every morning he was different. Another word was gone, another moment of eye contact was lost. He began to cry in a way that was untranslatable. The wails were not meant as messages to be decoded; they were terrified expressions of being beyond expression itself.


Navigating Love and Autism

A young couple’s story.


The Autistic Hacker

As part of his obsessive search for evidence of UFOs, Gary McKinnon worked his way into thousands of government computers. The U.S. charged him with terrorism. Doctors diagnosed him with Asperger’s. And his lawyers started arguing a new version of the insanity defense.


Autistic and Seeking a Place in an Adult World

A year with an autistic 20-year-old.


Autism's First Child

The long, happy, surprising life of 77-year old Donald Gary Triplett, the first person ever diagnosed with autism.


The Panic Virus

On the expanding community of American parents who believe, despite abundant evidence to the contrary, that there is a link between routine vaccinations and autism.


Huff Po is crazy about your health

The cozy relationship between “the internet newspaper” and bogus medicine.


Farewell then, Dr Andrew Wakefield

The doctor behind the autism-vaccine uproar is removed from the General Medical Council for being “dishonest,” “misleading” and “irresponsible” in his research into the MMR vaccine.