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The Parrots of Serenity Park

The surprising bond between damaged birds and traumatized veterans.


Flight Pattern

Tracking the humble hummingbird down to Belize.


How to Identify Birds in the Wild

A story of bird and human patterns.

"Rose is nothing without him because difference defines everything. The eyes of the Cooper’s hawk are closer to the front of the head than the sharp-shinned hawk. The downy woodpecker’s bill is small relative to its head while the hairy woodpecker’s bill is long and thick. House finches are more slender than purple finches. When she finds his hairs scattered on the pillow, they are straight, black pins while hers are bright, red commas."


Operation Easter

The hunt for a secretive network of British men obsessed with accumulating and cataloguing the eggs of rare birds.


My Bird Problem

A personal reflection on bird-watching and relationships.


India’s Vanishing Vultures

The disappearance of a legendary scavenger could have dire consequences for a swelling human population.