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How a burst blood vessel transformed the mind of a deliberate, controlled chiropractor into that of an utterly unfiltered, massively prolific artist.


A Criminal Mind

Dr. Joel Dreyer was a respected psychiatrist. Then he took a sudden turn to a life of drug dealing. Medicine might be able to explain why.


Out of Thin Air

Joe Namath believes hyperbaric oxygen treatment can reverse the brain damage he and others suffered playing football, so much so that a treatment center carries his name. The science, however, doesn’t support his claims.


How One Brain Came Back From Unconsciousness

Chronicling 1,541 days with a car accident survivor.


Some Assembly Required

On the recovery of snowboarder Kevin Pearce, who suffered a massive brain injury five days before the 2010 Olympics.


Head Trip

In his first Major League at bat, Adam Greenberg was hit in the head with a fastball. He never made it back.