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What Kind of Creep Sells a Celebrity's Naked Photos on the Internet?

The on and offline search for the prime suspect in last month’s celebrity nude photo hacking scandal.


George Clooney, South Sudan and How the World's Newest Nation Imploded

How celebrity-led humanitarian aid exacerbated a crisis.


The Peripheral

Gamers, celebrities, military veterans, and publicists populate a capitalist future in these four chapters from Gibson's forthcoming novel.

"She bent her phone the way she liked it for gaming, thumbed HaptRec into the log‑in window, entered the long-ass password. Flicked go. Nothing happened. Then the whole display popped, like the flash of a camera in an old movie, silvered like the marks of the haptics. She blinked."


The Eternal Paternal

On Bill Cosby’s complicated family life.


Playboy Interview: Robin Williams

“If you take the chance, sometimes you’ll find something so magnificent that it was worth dying for, and sometimes you’ll find nothing and have a horrible night. To go deeper with it, that’s the most interesting challenge.”


Richard Branson Turns 50

Partying with a lost tycoon on his birthday.


The Down and Dirty History of TMZ

How a lawyer from the Valley created a gossip empire.


Roy Spivey

A chance encounter with a movie star on an airplane.

"Roy Spivey shifted in his seat, waking. I quickly shut my own eyes, and then slowly opened them, as if I, too, had been sleeping. Oh, but he hadn’t quite opened his yet. I shut mine again and right away opened them, slowly, and he opened his, slowly, and our eyes met, and it seemed as if we had woken from a single sleep, from the dream of our entire lives. Me, a tall but otherwise undistinguished woman; he a distinguished spy, but not really, just an actor, but not really, just a man, maybe even just a boy."


Get Rich or Die Shilling

The business of being Pitbull.


Her House of Cards

How a 26-year-old cocktail waitress ended up running a private weekly poker game for some of Hollywood’s highest rollers.

Excerpted from Molly's Game.


Angelina Jolie’s Perfect Game

How the actress masterfully shapes her public image.


Planet Pam

A profile of Pamela Anderson.