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college basketball

10 articles

Crime and Punishment

The story of a high school basketball star’s sexual abuse conviction and its aftermath, told from all sides.


Haverford Hoops!

The story of a very bad basketball team.


The Coach Who Exploded

A profile of former Rutgers basketball coach Mike Rice, who was fired in April after a video of him berating players went viral.



The playground, the Ivy League, the triangle offense,  and how we dreamed up a “black basketball” and “white basketball.”


Three-Man Weave

On witnessing an incredible junior college basketball game 23 years ago in North Dakota.


A Fling and a Prayer

The story of the 2010 NCAA championship game between Duke and Butler, and what would have been greatest shot in college basketball history.


Dunk and Done

On Baylor’s freshman basketball star Perry Jones and how the new era of one-season careers has changed the landscape of college basketball.


Too Slick, Too Loud, Too Successful: Why John Calipari Can't Catch a Break

A profile of the highest paid coach in college basketball. A pioneer of one-and-done recruiting, Calipari is also the only coach in NCAA history to have two runs to the Final Four removed from the record books for rules violations.


The Shot That Saved Lives

Mykal Riley’s last-second three-pointer kept thousands of fans out of the path of tornado. Just as remarkable? That Riley was there to shoot the three in the first place.