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Kim Dotcom, Pirate King

Dotcom didn’t look like a criminal genius. With his ginger hair, chubby cheeks, and odd fashion sense—he often wore black suits and white-on-black wingtip shoes—he looked like he should be setting up a magic table.

How Kim Schmitz, the proprietor of Megaupload, made his fortune and landed in a New Zealand prison.


Porn, Piracy, & BitTorrent

In the first seven months of 2011, 94,000 people were sued for illegally downloading porn. Not one case has been decided by a jury. On the industry’s new strategy to make downloaders pay.


The Ecstacy of Influence: A Plagiarism

Our debt, conscious or unconscious, to what has come before, and what it can tell us about copyright, the public domain, and the complicated relationship between creators and consumers.


For the Love of Culture

Why our entire understanding of copyright is due for an overhaul.


The Music-Copyright Enforcers

There is someone whose job it is to try to extract royalty money from anyone who plays music in a place of business. Most people do not react well to this request.