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documentary film

7 articles

"Hoop Dreams": An Oral History

Twenty years after its premiere, the filmmakers and subjects look back at “the great American documentary.”


How Laura Poitras Helped Snowden Spill His Secrets

A profile of documentary filmmaker Laura Poitras, who last January received “a curious e-mail from an anonymous stranger requesting her public encryption key.”


We Never Have to Be Alone

Dr. Hook & the Medicine Show’s thrilling, scary, inept performance on German television.



On Sebastian Junger’s War and the documentary Restrepo by Tim Hetherington, who was killed in Libya yesterday.



A profile of the filmmaker Errol Morris as he prepared to release The Thin Blue Line after a decade of limited distribution, semi-poverty, and a side career as a private detective.


Fascinating Fascism

On a book of photographs shot by Leni Riefenstahl in the 1950s and 1960s depicting an African tribe.


For the Love of Culture

Why our entire understanding of copyright is due for an overhaul.