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10 articles

Mursi's Downfall

An inside account of the Egyptian leader’s last day in power.



On the lives of street kids.


The Man Behind Bin Laden

A profile of Ayman al-Zawahri, the Egyptian doctor who became Bin Laden’s #2 and has now taken over Al-Qaeda.


'Volcano of Rage'

On the structural underpinnings of the revolts currently shaking the Arab world.


Revolution U

What Egypt learned from the students who overthrew Milosevic. “The Serbs are not the usual highly paid consultants in suits from wealthy countries; they look more like, well, cocky students. They bring a cowboy swagger. They radiate success. Everyone they teach wants to do what the Serbs did.”


Why Egypt's Progressives Win

An opinion piece on the structural causes of unrest in Egypt; the business fraternity, globalization, and the fate of Egyptian women.


The Novelist and the Sheikh

On the Cairo knifing of 82-year-old Nobel Prize winner Naguib Mahfouz and its aftermath.


‘Mubarak, Mubarak, What Have You Done?

February 1st, 2011. Tahrir Square, Cairo.


Mubarak’s Last Breath

A primer on Egypt’s political landscape.


Islam’s Answer to MTV

A new Egyptian TV channel called 4Shbab—“for youth” in Arabic—aims to get young people interested in Islam through music videos and reality shows.