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DIY Diagnosis

Kim Goodsell had a pair of rare diseases. Doctors didn’t have the time to look for a link. So she taught herself genetics and found it herself.


23 and You

On recreational genetics, privacy and the new vulnerability of family secrets.


They All Looked Like Nails

A genetic engineer concocts a plan to transform a Galilean moon.

"Jonas is the conductor of a symphony, and must be familiar with each part, every section. He must keep them working in tandem, so he flits from group to group, giving encouragement. Visitors to the University wonder at the man skidding on the marble floors, running from A to E wing and back again. He reviews twenty sequences a day, though he is pleased to find few errors. His team works late. He works later. The key genes are reserved for his eyes alone, and when he sits back to watch the simulations play out he pictures the Watchmaker."


For $99, This CEO Can Tell You What Might Kill You

On the personal genetic sequencing company 23andMe and why their long time term strategy is collecting spit, not cash.


Restless Genes

How the compulsion to explore is coded in the human genome.


The Umpire's Sons

A Major League umpire learns that his children share the same deadly genetic disease.


Heavy Breeding

The 1920s experiment to reverse-engineer wild cows.


What Defines a Meme?

How information replicates, mutates, and evolves.


Cash for Genes

A DHL tycoon’s small plane disappeared near the Phillipines amidst rumors of children fathered with teenage Asian villagers. Every scrap of his DNA went missing, but that didn’t stop a forensic mathematician.


Sergey Brin’s Search

One of the founders of Google discovered that he carried a gene that meant a 50% chance of developing Parkinson’s. In response, he is working to change and expedite the way that Parkinson’s research is conducted.