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The Gene Weingarten Archive

Legendary birthday clowns, tragically neglectful parents, and a dogged search for the armpit of America — Weingarten on Longform.

The Nick Paumgarten Archive

Elevators, online dating and the mind behind Super Mario Bros.Paumgarten on Longform.

The Longform Guide to Sleep

Great dreams, terrible dreams, no dreams at all—a collection of stories about slumber, at Slate.

The Longform Guide to Writing Nonfiction

Capote, Talese, Orwell, Boo—masters of the craft, in their own words. New at Slate.

The John Jeremiah Sullivan Archive

Life after The Real World, weed at Disney, the comeback of Axl Rose, and more —Sullivan on Longform.

The Atul Gawande Archive

The mystery of the itch, the case for focusing on our neediest patients, an investigation of solitary confinement and more—Gawande's pieces on Longform.

The Longform Guide to Write-Arounds

A collection of profiles whose subjects—Frank Sinatra, Axl Rose, Matt Drudge, and more—wouldn’t cooperate with the writer. New at Slate.

The Longform Olympics Primer

Contributing editors Gretchen Gavett and Elon Green pick ten stories read before the Games, on the Longform blog.

The Tom Bissell Archive

From video games to Chuck Lorre, traveling in Vietnam to the Loch Ness monster, Bissell's stories on Longform.

The Jeanne Marie Laskas Archive

From Joe Paterno to coal miners, the rodeo to fruit pickers, our story picks by the GQ correspondent.
Laskas on Longform.

The David Grann Archive

From squid hunters to catastrophically mistaken convictions, con men to prison gangs, our story picks from the New Yorker writer. Grann's archive on Longform.

The Longform Guide to Restaurants

Manic chefs, the first singles bar, and the secret to McDonald’s fries—a collection of stories about the restaurant business, at Slate.

The Joshua Davis Archive

Diamond heists, LonelyGirl15, and a trip to compete in the U.S. Open sumo championships—Joshua Davis on Longform.

The Susan Orlean Archive

From high school gyms in New York to beaches in Hawaii, our favorite stories by the New Yorker writer. Orlean's archive on Longform.

The William Langewiesche Archive

From shipbreakers in India to a plane crash in Brazil, organized crime in Naples to pirates in the Gulf of Aden—16 stories by a master of narrative non-fiction. Our Langewiesche archive.

The Longform Guide to Animal Attacks

From grizzlies in Alaska to whales at SeaWorld, stories of animals turning on humans. At Slate.

The Longform Guide to Journalism Hoaxes

In honor of April Fool’s, a collection of legendary pranks, lies, and outright fabrications. At Slate.

The Longform Guide to Obituaries

Richard Nixon, Elizabeth Taylor, Idi Amin: a collection of our favorite obits ever written. At Slate.

Longform's Favorite Finds of 2011

Over at Readability, our editors highlight the best classic stories that resurfaced on Longform this year. See their picks.

The Best Crime Writing of 2011

Our picks for the top 10 tech stories of the year, including work by Ashlee Vance (Businessweek), Alex Blumberg and Laura Sydell (Planet Money), and Maciej Ceglowski (Pinboard).

See the full list.

The Guide to the Making of Movies

Behind-the-scenes stories from The Godfather, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and one of the phenomenal flops in Hollywood history. At Slate.