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How to Get Into an Ivy League College—Guaranteed

Tony Ma will bet you as much as $600,000 to train your student for college acceptance. If the student gets into their top choice school, Ma takes the cash. Rejected? He gets nothing.


Medora Goes To The Game

A father and his 9-year-old daughter watch Harvard play Yale in football.


Adam Wheeler Went to Harvard

Adam Wheeler lied on his college application. Lawrence Summers facilitated the destruction of the global economy.

Only one of these Harvard men was given jail time.


The Library of Utopia

How Google’s utopian/dystopian plan to scan the world’s books failed and the Harvard-led team that’s picking up the pieces.


The Last Gentleman

On New Yorker writer George W. S. Trow’s descent into madness.


From Libya With Love

What did $3M paid to a US consulting firm get Qaddafi? A glowing profile in The New Republic, written by a Harvard professor, who travelled to Tripoli to interview him. On the consulting company’s dime. Which he failed to disclose.


The Great Ivy League Nude Posture Photo Scandal

From the 1940s through the early 70s, incoming freshman at Harvard, Yale, Vassar, Wellesley, and several other top schools were photographed nude in the name of science–bogus science, as it turned out. Most of the photos were destroyed, but not all.


The Great Sorting

Part two of the history of the Educational Testing Service.


The Structure of Success in America

The first article in a two-part history of the Educational Testing Service, the institution behind the SAT.


King of Comedy

The making of Caddyshack.


Lethal Chemistry at Harvard

When one of the best young chemists in the world took his own life, Harvard was forced to reconsider the relationship between PhD students and their (often Nobel Prize-winning) advisers.


What Makes Us Happy?

In 1937, Harvard researchers began following the lives of 268 students. Year after year, the men were interviewed and given medical and psychological exams. The goal? Find a formula for happiness.


The Secret Court

In 1920, Harvard University officials suspected that some students were gay. So they kicked them all out.