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11 articles

Lena Dunham is Not Done Confessing

On the writer’s new book and tell-all style.


The Sorkin Way

On the set of Aaron Sorkin’s new HBO show The Newsroom.


Downtown's Daughter

An early profile of Lena Dunham.


It’s Different for 'Girls'

A profile of 25-year-old Lena Dunham, showrunner and star of HBO’s Girls.


The Family Hour

An oral history of The Sopranos.


The Misfit

On David Milch; Yale fraternity brother of George W. Bush, literature professor, longtime junkie, creator of NYPD Blue, Deadwood (which was in production when this profile was written), and the forthcoming racetrack-set HBO series Luck.


Angry Middle-Aged Man

A profile of Larry David, with a focus on his years as a struggling stand-up. “I was hoping that somehow I could get some kind of cult following and get by with that.”


Violence, Nudity, Adult Content

As CEO of HBO, Chris Albrecht was responsible for putting The Wire, The Sopranos, and Sex and the City on the air. Then he choked his girlfriend outside a Vegas casino, got fired, and took a job running Starz.


Bring It On Home

Behind the scenes with Kenny Powers, on set filming the 2nd run of Eastbound & Down, probably the only American TV series that would set an entire season in Mexico.


Not TV

How HBO went from sitcoms starring Delta Burke and O.J. Simpson to The Wire. The view from a former HBO employee who witnessed the channel’s rise to prominence firsthand.


After the Flood

A review of Treme, the new HBO show about post-Katrina New Orleans from David Simon, creator of The Wire. “The series virtually prohibits you from loving it,” Franklin writes, “while asking you to value it.”