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The Driver

On Hezbollah leader Imad Mughniyeh, “the world’s most wanted terrorist not named Osama bin Laden,” whose death five years ago remains a mystery.


How Life of Spy Ben Zygier Unravelled

How a Mossad agent’s desperate bid to jumpstart his career led to the exposure of two top Hezbollah plants.


On the Lam in Lebanon

The Syrian civil war crosses into Lebanon.


Paintballing with Hezbollah

A clandestine meeting between Western journalists and Hezbollah fighters in a Beirut strip mall.


The World’s ‘Best’ Car Bombers?

An interview with an ex-CIA agent who is a world expert on the history of car bombing.


The Cocaine Coast

In nine hours, Guinea-Bissau’s President and military leader were assassinated in separate incidents. Their dealings had turned the country into the runway of choice for drug smugglers and Hezbollah.