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Inside Job

How Raj Rajaratnam and a McKinsey chairman made millions off a maid.


The Empire of Edge

How a doctor and an S.A.C. trader got entangled in a financial scandal.


Rajat Gupta’s Lust for Zeros

How the former CEO of McKinsey, who was indicted in the largest insider trading case in United States history, got played.


Quiet Doctor, Lavish Insider: A Parallel Life

A nationally respected neurologist feeds secrets to Wall Street.


The SEC: Outmanned, Outgunned, and On a Roll

Inside the investigation that broke the biggest case of insider trading in history.


The War on Insider Trading: Market-Beaters Beware

On the constantly evolving definition of insider trading and the lingering question of how inside traders should be punished.


How Rajat Gupta Came Undone

The downfall of a Goldman Sachs director:

"Now from, for the last three or four, I mean four or five years, I've given him a million bucks a year, right?" says Rajaratnam. "Yeah, yeah," says Gupta, who doesn't appear taken aback at all by Rajaratnam's next remark: "After taxes. Offshore. Cash."


Fast Money, Secret Lives

In an elaborate FBI sting to expose corruption, four agents pose as futures traders in Chicago. The plan works–if you don’t count the hundreds of thousands in taxpayer dollars the agents lost in the process.