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How an F Student Became America’s Most Prolific Inventor

Lowell Wood helped bring down the Soviet Union, has created what could be the first concussion-free football helmet, and has regular brainstorming sessions with Bill Gates. He also drives a 20-year-old Toyota with 300,000 miles on it.


The Invention of the AeroPress

A profile of Alan Adler, the guy behind the Aerobie and the beloved AeroPress.


The Sanitary Pad Revolutionary

How a man of little education and little means invented a simple machine that changed the lives of women in rural India.



A husband struggles with the needs of his paralyzed wife and his creation of a hologram version of an assassinated President; new fiction from the author of The Orphan Master's Son.

"After the doctor left, I went into the garage and started making the President. A psychologist would probably say the reason I created him had to do with the promise I made Charlotte and the fact that the President also had a relationship with the person who took his life. But it's simpler than that: I just needed to save somebody, and with the President, it didn't matter that it was too late."


Dr. Nakamats, the Man With 3300 Patents to His Name

A profile of Sir Dr. NakaMats, who claims to have invented over 3,000 things, including the floppy disk and karaoke machine.


Return to Sender

Shiva Ayyadurai told the world he invented email. Not everyone agreed.


The Land of GoBots, Pound Puppies, and Care Bears

How Minnesota became a hotbed of toy invention.


Rubber Stamp

The story of Charles Goodyear, who dedicated his life to inventing usable rubber yet has little to show for it, aside from his name on the side of a blimp.