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In the Valley of the Shadow of Death

In Guyana after the Jonestown massacre, with the survivors and the dead.


The Divine Inspiration of Jim Jones

The rise of the Peoples Temple through the lens of an earlier group: Father Divine’s Peace Mission.


Inside Peoples Temple

An early investigation into Jim Jones’ cult.


Cult of Death: The Jonestown Nightmare

As divided families argued over whether to stay or go, Jones saw part of his congregation slipping away. Al Simon, father of three, wanted to take his children back to America. "No! No! No!" screamed his wife. Someone whispered to her: "Don't worry, we're going to take care of everything." Indeed, as reporters learned later from survivors, Jones had a plan to plant one or more fake defectors among the departing group, in order to attack them. He told some of his people that the Congressman's plane "will fall out of the sky."