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11 articles

Opium Made Easy

It’s legal to buy poppy seeds in America and it’s legal to plant them—unless you’re familiar with the simple process of turning them into opium, that is. Then having poppies in your garden is a felony.


Prosecutorial Indiscretion

The story of Donald Smaltz, an independent prosecutor run amok.


A Struggle with the Police & the Law

A Supreme Court Justice revisits a rape trial from the 1950s.


Two Men in Texas

What really happened between the plaintiffs in Lawrence vs. Texas, the case that ended anti-sodomy laws?


The Hustler

No one argues before the Supreme Court more than Tommy Goldstein.


The Baddest Lawyer in the History of Jersey

On the complete corruption of Paul Bergin, a federal attorney turned high-priced defense lawyer now awaiting trial on a host of charges.

If Paul is guilty of half the things they say, he’d be the craziest, most evil lawyer in the history of the State of New Jersey. That is saying something.


Restaurant Rebel

If you hit a bar or restaurant in South Miami, there’s a good chance Eddie Santana has waited tables there. And then sued. Sometimes after only a single day on the job.


Getting Off

Inside the competitive, lucrative, swashbuckling world of DWI attorneys in Houston.


The Patent Troll

Erich Spangenberg is in the business of owning other people’s ideas. He makes a fortune.


The strange case against David Lee Roth

A woman is clogging the Lehigh County court system with divorce filings against David Lee Roth and there is nothing the legal system can do to stop her.