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8 articles

Subterranean Psychonaut

The strange saga of Gordon Todd Skinner, a psychedelic aficionado and government informant who is now serving time in prison for kidnapping and torturing his wife’s teenage lover.


Psychedelic Academe

Research into mind-altering drugs is back.


Why Doctors Can't Give You LSD (But Maybe They Should)

On the renaissance in psychedelic research.


The Heretic

On the legal history of LSD in America and a researcher who never gave up on the drug’s promise.


Operation Midnight Climax

How the CIA, under a program called MK-ULTRA, used a San Francisco apartment to dose johns with LSD.


The King of LSD

On the many lives and careers of Owsley Stanley (1935-2011), chemist, sound design innovator, and outback jeweler, whose name appears in the OED as a synonym for “a particularly pure form of LSD.”


Just What the Doctor Ordered

Pitching a no-hitter in the middle of a multi-day acid bender was only one of Dock Ellis’ many amazing exploits.


Cary in the Sky with Diamonds

In the 1950s, L.S.D. became a Beverly Hills’ therapy fad, and it profoundly changed idols like Cary Grant.